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The Best of 2023 Kitchen Trends and Ideas...And What’s Still Hot for 2024

Is a new kitchen on your New Year's resolutions list? You've come to the right place! 2023 kitchen trends included bold statements like appliance garages, full-height backsplashes, and stained oak islands. But before you rush to tear down your walls or rip up your tile, find out which trends are poised to simmer into 2024.


5 2023 Kitchen Trends That Are Here to Stay 


Which 2023 kitchen ideas will continue to dominate in 2024? From minimalism to bold functionality, here are five of the latest kitchen ideas set to maintain steam in the year ahead.


1. Appliance Garages: Tuck Away the Clutter in Style


No post about 2023 kitchen trends is complete without a nod to the functional and stylish appliances garage. These clever cabinetry creations are more than just hidden storage solutions; they're a masterclass in decluttered counter space and optimized culinary flow.


Appliance garages streamline your workspace, so you can focus on the joy of cooking, not the chaos of clutter. But the beauty of this trend goes beyond practicality. Appliance garages come in a variety of styles to suit your aesthetic: sleek and modern, rustic, or even hidden behind custom-matched panels that seamlessly blend into your cabinetry. This means you can tuck away utilitarian tools and showcase your style.


2. Full-Height Backsplashes: Maximize Style, Minimize Mess

The full-height backsplash reigned supreme for 2023 kitchen design trends. A dramatic departure from the humble six-inch splasher, full-height backsplashes offer a powerful one-two punch of function and beauty. Protect your walls from splatters and spills with effortless elegance, and visually expand your space, making even the smallest kitchen feel grand and airy.


So, whether you're drawn to quartz's sleek sophistication or rustic terracotta's warmth, consider a backsplash that climbs the walls. It's a trend guaranteed to make a statement because it adds timeless elegance and undeniable practicality to your kitchen.


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3. Stained Oak Islands: An Investment in Style and Quality


Move over, bold hues! Forget sleek whites and trendy grays; expect to see kitchens awash in the rich, honeyed tones and timeless elegance of wood. Stained oak islands were all the rage this year, and they're poised to be one of the most coveted 2024 kitchen trends.


Stained oak offers a timeless elegance that transcends fads and fits seamlessly into various design styles, from farmhouse chic to Scandinavian minimalism. So, if you crave a sophisticated and inviting kitchen that exudes warmth, look no further than the stained oak island.


4. Statement Lighting: Form Meets Function


Recessed lights receded into the background in 2023, with the captivating rise of statement lighting. Geometric constellations cascaded over islands, oversized lanterns cast dramatic shadows, and sculptural orbs added a touch of whimsy. This trend wasn't just about aesthetics. Statement lighting creates focal points, defines zones, and sets the mood. Get ready to see light become an even more dynamic element in 2024.


5. Overstated Hardware: Out with the Boring, in with the Bold


Gone are the days of disappearing drawer pulls and camouflaged cabinet knobs. In 2023, kitchens embraced overstated hardware and transformed these once-utilitarian elements into bold design statements. Chunky brass handles added a touch of vintage glamor, and oversized black pulls punctuated sleek cabinetry with graphic contrast.


While brass and black continue to reign, the rise of mixed metals and matte finishes suggest 2024 may play with texture and unexpected colors, and continue to push the boundaries of hardware as a statement piece.


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