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5 Great Ideas for a Brick Exterior Makeover

Brick homes last centuries, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from an update. A brick exterior makeover is a great way to modernize your home while maintaining its original charm.

Whether you have a colonial brick house, a brick ranch home, a mid-century brick home, or a modern brick house, updating brick exterior is a solution you and your neighborhood will love! There are many ways to create a stunning brick house transformation. Check out these great ideas for your perfect brick exterior makeover.

1. Spruce Up Your Brick House Exterior

Outdoor brick can become dull with time and exposure to the elements. First, check the brick exterior for cracks, exposed electrical, or other vulnerabilities, and repair them. Then, use a pressure washer and pressure wash soap to expose beautiful and renewed bricks.

If your home is 80 years or older, consult with your local historical society to learn the best way to pressure wash your brick house exterior. Older bricks require special care.

Keep the natural appearance of your brick house exterior by adding a stain. Brick stain is a transparent, mineral product that permanently binds with the brick and adds the hue of your choice.

2. Mix Up Your Brick Exterior Makeover

Create a more custom exterior by mixing different materials with brick. This works best for additions to an existing brick house, bump-outs, partial walls, or architectural details. The following materials will complement your existing brick exterior and highlight your personal style.

+ Board

+ Batten

+ Hardy board

+ Stucco

+ Metal

+ Cedar shingles

Call Frye Build + Design today to consult with our experts about your brick exterior makeover.

3. Paint Brick for a Home Transformation

If you find yourself searching “painting brick house ideas” online — or you’re seeking ideas from homes you see in local neighborhoods — you’ve noticed that paint is a popular option. This is becoming an especially sought-after update among homeowners who want a brick ranch exterior makeover. We’ve seen the following shades increasing in popularity for those wanting a new look for their brick ranch or mid-century brick home.

+ White

+ Light gray or dark gray

+ Sage or dark green

+ Navy blue

+ Black

Other home styles may take a more traditional route. Colonial brick house makeovers often include white paint to highlight the home’s classic look.

For a beautiful example of how white brick can spruce up and modernize a home, check out how white-painted brick and a pink-paint accent transformed the exterior of this Frye Build + Design client’s brick home.

Whitewashing a brick house can also offer a timeless look for any home. Whitewash is watered-down paint that will whiten bricks while allowing their unique brick texture to show through.

4. Incorporate Limewash & German Schmears for a Timeless Style

Limewashed brick creates a similar look to whitewashed brick; however, it also offers the added protection of limestone. Limewash has been used for centuries to protect porous material like brick, making a limewashed brick house a more durable home!

German schmear (also called German smear) is a kind of mortar wash in which wet mortar is added and removed from the brick exterior. German schmear on brick creates a rustic, old-world look that will last through the ages.

5. Add Small Changes That Make a Big Impact

Whether your historic home must follow preservation rules or you simply prefer smaller changes, updating brick exterior with minor changes and accents can create a big impact on the overall look of your home.

You can add, remove, or paint shutters for an easy and dramatic update. Many homeowners also opt to paint their front doors to give a pop of color to their home. Even painting trim or adding a new gutter color can transform the appearance of a traditional brick home.

Want to discuss ideas for making over your brick home? Our talented team will work with you to create a customized plan you’ll love.

Frye Build + Design can make your custom brick exterior makeover a success. Call us today at (336) 763-8031 to get started!

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