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Top 4 2023 Bathroom Trends and Ideas

Bathrooms are now designed for more than just their function: Pinterest Predicts has found a 190% increase in “home spa bathroom” searches this year! Of that, the top 2023 bathroom trends illustrate designs that emphasize both luxury and relaxation.

Home contractors and designers are personalizing bathroom interiors for the unique wellness of their clients and the people that reside in those spaces. Ready to transform your bathroom into the at-home retreat you deserve but not sure where to start? Keep reading for our bathroom remodel ideas.

Our 2023 Bathroom Trends for Greensboro Homeowners

We asked our team to share their top four 2023 bathroom design trends to make your next bathroom remodel both lavishly pampering and aesthetically pleasing. Check out the newest bathroom trends below.

#1: Statement Pieces

A spa-like style doesn’t mean your bathroom renovation will leave your space looking blasé. Statement pieces can be introduced to your bathroom in both big and small measures to accommodate any budget.

Cabinet hardware, for instance, is physically small but can have a big visual impact. Unlacquered, brushed, or hammered hardware and accents, are just some of the hardware finishes that are trending in 2023. You can even mix metals to maximize bathroom design trends. This is a technique that would typically be seen in faucet fixtures and cabinet hardware.

Our clients have loved coupling brass-framed scalloped mirrors with brass console sinks for smaller bathroom spaces. Bespoke vanities and unique fixtures can also come together quite beautifully to create stunning bathrooms.

Here’s your checklist for statement pieces to consider.

• Finish accents that are unlacquered, brushed, or hammered

• Bespoke vanities

• Unique faucet and lighting fixtures

#2: Luxurious Showers

The National Kitchen and Bath Association has found that 77% of survey respondents are removing tubs to make space for larger, custom showers. Homeowners can customize their showers by adding multiple shower heads and sprays and creating zero-clearance entrances.

Shower curtains that hide efficient bath-shower combos are outdated. 2023 bathroom trends are now enclosing shower stalls with oversized, frameless glass panels to highlight beautiful tiles and give an air of spaciousness. And if the room allows, a separate tub can fit inside, too! Pro Tip: Always consult the experts when renovating your bathroom!

Visit the Frye Build + Design website to get started.

#3: Bold Colors

Bold pops of color can make a bathroom space more dynamic and playful. Our designers have found that blues and greens continue to dominate 2023 bathroom trends. Wallpaper patterns, bright tiles, painted cabinetry, and unique vanities are all options to consider adding a splash of color to your next bathroom remodel.

Jewel tones like teals are reminiscent of the deep ocean, and more pastel hues like baby blues offer a coastal look. Meanwhile, olive greens and navy blues can support a formal and sophisticated palette. Any of these colors can be balanced by minimalist white quartz and marble, creating visually clutter-free bathroom interiors.

At a glance, these are our top tips to incorporate bold colors in your bathroom redesign.

• Consider jewel tones — especially in blue hues.

• Opt for sophisticated olive greens or navy blues.

• Incorporate quartz and marble surfaces to bring textural balance to your space.

• Choose an eccentric, bold wallpaper design that showcases your unique personality.

#4: Warm Wood Tones

Warm tones bring coziness and serenity to bathroom interiors. Nature-inspired and organic elements like earth tones are also on the rise for 2023. Ochre, terracotta, and peachy pinks are earthy hues that can warm up tiled bathrooms.

Wood also establishes an inviting, warm bathroom space. Choose custom cabinetry to elevate your bathroom with a timeless design. Cabinetry and wood vanities can be stained or painted to suit any style. Natural materials like wood also add texture and life to bathroom spaces.

These 2023 bathroom trends show that creating a spa-like oasis at home is possible. And with the right team on your side, it’s within reach. As one of the most used spaces in the home, bathrooms deserve to be as beautiful as they are functional!

End your search for bathroom remodel companies and call Frye Build + Design today at (336) 763-8031.

We’re here to transform your bathroom into your sanctuary!

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