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4 Worst Home Design Mistakes That Homeowners Make

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Designing a home without an interior designer is one of the most challenging projects a homeowner can take on. The home design process involves hundreds of decisions—big and small—which impact the look, feel, and function of your spaces. Home remodeling and home renovation can get even more complicated as the homeowner juggles both old and new. By considering the design mistakes to avoid before starting your home renovation or home remodeling project, you can save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run!

MISTAKE #1: You Don’t Have a Plan

Home design television shows make it seem like a color palette and a dream is all a homeowner needs to embark on a successful home design project. A home design plan should be much more detailed and elaborate to avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

Try this instead…

Create a detailed plan for your project. This plan not only includes a color palette and inspiration photos, but also specifies the measurements. It also includes well-thought-out budget allowances: on what do you want to save or splurge? For example, saving money in bathroom renovations by reusing items such as toilets, pedestal sinks, and tubs can be risky. You may end up having to spend more money if a hairline fracture occurs in the move and voids the warranty.

Timing is an important component of a home design plan. One of the most common kitchen design mistakes is waiting to finalize cabinetry details after the floor plan has been created. High-quality cabinetry that will last a lifetime is one of the most expensive line items with the longest lead times in a home design! Ask about our FB+D Cabinetry division, offering well-made cabinets for home interiors.

MISTAKE #2: You Wait to Place Orders

It may seem daunting to purchase the many necessary products for your home renovation at once. From flooring to cabinetry to lighting, high-quality interior design projects can include a long list of materials to purchase.

A common mistake is choosing to delay the decision-making and ordering of products. However, homeowners that delay these tasks will likely face the risk of backorders, fluctuating lead times, and shipment delays, which will only cost more in the long run.

Try this instead…

Take your time selecting samples first—and before any project demo begins. Home renovation mistakes can be costly to fix, so it is better to spend a little more upfront on samples that can be viewed in person. Purchase paint and tile samples and test several options in different lighting before taking the plunge. Avoid kitchen design mistakes by sampling cabinetry and stain colors.

An interior designer will have these samples ready for you to view at your convenience:

+ Paint

+ Wood stain

+ Wallpaper

+ Flooring

+ Cabinets

+ Countertops

+ Tile

+ And more

Once you feel certain about design items or appliances, don’t delay ordering them. Lead times are always changing, which means your selections may be backordered. Product samples will help you avoid ordering materials that may need to be returned, which will help save on expensive restocking and return shipping fees.

Visit our website to learn how our interior designers can create the perfect home tailored for your family.

MISTAKE #3: You Don’t Focus on Focal Points

One of the worst home layout mistakes may be to over-prioritize symmetry instead of balancing both function and style. For example, permanent structures, such as a grand staircase, are rarely placed in the very center of a room or wall. By deprioritizing symmetry, a designer can consider how the eye naturally moves across a space and how people interact with their environment.

Consider these built-in features:

+ Staircase

+ Fireplace

+ Range hood

+ Built-in cabinets, shelves, and displays + Doors

+ Windows

+ Kitchen islands

+ And more

Try this instead…

When deciding where to place built-in focal points like fireplaces and range hoods, contemplate the flow.

+ How does one enter or exit the space?

+ What would people see first?

+ Would large pieces block natural pathways?

+ How does the eye move across the room?

Think about how your living and dining spaces will be used. Do you host large family gatherings? Is storage important in these spaces?

MISTAKE #4: You Go It Alone without a Professional

Home renovations are massive and extremely detailed projects. Completing such a project successfully requires treating it like a full-time job. The responsibilities go far beyond picking colors and styles. One must at once be both an interior designer and a project manager.

Many homeowners who start their renovation projects without the support of a build and design firm seek professional help only after losing thousands of dollars on simple mistakes.

Try this instead…

Consider hiring professionals who have years of experience with small remodels, additions, and full-house renovations. From design to construction, work with a professional to ensure your project maintains its timeline and budget.

Home design mistakes can be expensive and time-consuming.

These tips can help, but if you’d like more help from professionals with a track-record of success—give Frye Build + Design a call at (336) 763-8031!

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