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Today's Timeless Tile Trends, Styles, and Finishes for Your Home

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Unlike trendy finishes that go out of fashion every year, timeless home design will keep your living spaces elegant and fashionable for generations. It will also make your house easier to sell when and if that time comes. For example, some of today’s boldly colored shower tile trends may not be widely appealing a few years down the line, but stone and marble will always be classically beautiful.

Want to know how to achieve a look that’s always in fashion? Keep reading for tile trends, styles, and finishes that will stand the test of time.

Timeless Tile Trends for Bathrooms

Trends in tile are always changing, but hexagon tile for bathroom floor areas is here to stay. Hexagon mosaic tiles are also known as honeycomb. These geometric shapes add visual interest without overwhelming the space.

Similarly, small-scale tiles, such as penny tiles, are charming tile floor trends with vintage and contemporary variations. Penny tile can also be used on shower walls. A white, 3- by 6-inch, subway tile backsplash can also be laid with a 50% offset for a classic and timeless look.

Finishes make a difference too. Polished chrome and brass fixtures elevate all guest and primary bathrooms. Brass adds warmth, while chrome offers a cooler aesthetic. Both metals can be mixed to create a dynamic, modern-yet-vintage style!

Traditional Base and Crown Molding

The bathroom isn’t the only room where you can apply timeless design. You can can give your entire home a polished look with updated millwork. Traditional base and crown molding will create an enduring style that adds volume to low ceilings and refines high ceilings. In this North Carolina home, we used applied molding to add dynamism to crisp, white, bathroom walls.

Here are a few places where you can add crown molding in your home.

· Ceiling trim

· Tray or coffered ceilings

· Baseboard trim

· Wall accents

· Corner accents

· Fireplace framing

· Window framing

· Above cabinets and built-ins

· Around doors and walkways

Let our experts help you find the perfect timeless looks for your home renovation.

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Perennial Kitchen Styles

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so its design is integral to the overall feel of your house. And in achieving a timeless look, the cabinetry is usually the best place to start. Shaker-style cabinets are often a popular option. They can give your kitchen a clean, classic look that remains beautiful over the years — and they suit a wide range of decor styles.

Tile design ideas for kitchen remodels or renovations should be focused on natural elements, like marble, stone, or glass. Vintage elements, like a subway tile backsplash, are also eye-catching. And try geometric mosaic tiles for a swoon-worthy look that never gets old. These styles can also translate into tile hearth ideas for a stunning fireplace.

Meanwhile, wood elements, such as continuous hardwood floors, will create a warm and polished look in your kitchen. Wide-plank oak floors, in particular, are a durable option with a classic aesthetic.

Soft Curves & Arches

Soft curves in a home contrast elegantly with the straight lines of walls, floors, and windows. Archways have adorned homes for centuries due to the strength they add to doorways and the beautiful and organic curves they bring to designs. Adding archways to your home renovation is a great way to create a space that defies passing trends and builds both character and appeal.

This is also a design element that can increase natural light in your home. Arched openings are often taller than a typical doorway, which will create more room for light to come in — and it will also add an illusion of spaciousness.

These arches transition handsomely from room to room throughout the home. Of course, you should be cautious not to add too many archways, which could overwhelm a design style. Balance is key. That’s why it’s always best to consult with a professional home designer on any renovation or design project. This partner can help you make the right design choices.

Our expert designers are ready to help you create a timeless look for your home.

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